Tokyo “Disney Halloween” Features New Costumes for Mickey and Minnie

Tokyo “Disney Halloween” starts on Tuesday, September 10 – and Mickey and Minnie have amazing new costumes!

Tokyo “Disney Halloween” will feature Tokyo DisneySea’s new harbor show “Festival of Mystique” and Tokyo Disneyland will have the delightful “Spooky Boo! Parade”. Check out these fantastic costumes on our favorite mice!

Tokyo "Disney Halloween" hub decor
There’s special decor all over the park for Tokyo “Disney Halloween”

Tokyo “Disney Halloween” at the Tokyo Disney Resort will run for 52 days from Tuesday, September 10 to Thursday, October 31. At Tokyo DisneySea, we’ll see the first performance this year of the Harbor Show “Festival of Mystique” and over at Tokyo Disneyland,  they’ll perform the  “Spooky Boo! Parade” with all sorts of gorgeous floats and costumed characters.

Tokyo "Disney Halloween" train

Here’s a look:

◆ “Festival of Mystique” costumes for Mickey and Minnie Mouse:

Tokyo "Disney Halloween" Mickey and Minnie in festival garb

The costumes are based on medieval European garb that fits right in at a Halloween festival, but with touches that remind me of sea creatures, themed to the port town of Porto Paradiso.

You can see the bones and fins of sea creatures all over Mickey’s outfit, plus sparkling, gem-encrusted brooches. , Minnie has a wide skirt with light decorations, pearls on her hat and scales on the front and back of her dress.

Costume details:

Mickey’s jeweled brooch:

Tokyo "Disney Halloween" Mickey's brooch

Minnie’s scale design:

Tokyo "Disney Halloween" Minnie's scales

The Mediterranean Harbor will have a dark and somewhat chilling atmosphere, but Mickey and Minnie will bring the right amount of levity to the spooky festivities!

◆ Costumes for the Tokyo “Disney Halloween” “Spooky Boo! Parade”

Tokyo "Disney Halloween" Mickey and Minnie for parade

Here we see more vivid and traditionally spooky Halloween costumes worn by Mickey and Minnie for the “Spooky Boo! Parade”, with ghostly touches like skeleton bones peeking out from the front of Mickey’s costume. Above this he sports his usual bow tie (or a version thereof).

The Minnie Mouse costume features an adorable skirt patternMinnie Mouse has a dia de los Muertos-inspired silhouette. This year, they decided to go with more vivid colors for the famous couple.

Costume details:

Mickey’s bow tie looks like he borrowed it from a certain Skellington.

Tokyo "Disney Halloween" Mickey's tie

Minnie’s skirt pattern reminds me of “Coco”.

Tokyo "Disney Halloween" Minnie's skirt

There’s also special merchandise and food for Tokyo “Disney Halloween”, of course:

Tokyo "Disney Halloween" Haunted Mansion goodies
Bride ears and necklace…does it light up and beat? I think so.
Tokyo "Disney Halloween" scary bearies
You can only find these cute and spooky bears at Tokyo – I do believe that is a pumpkin Teddi Barra on her little swing.
Tokyo "Disney Halloween" hugging ghost
I would love for this cute ghost to follow me home!
Tokyo "Disney Halloween" Jack Skellington meal
That Skellington looks good enough to eat!
Tokyo "Disney Halloween" drinks with donuts
These treats are tricked up with donuts! Check out the pattern on the cups!

In the US, we’re lucky to get characters in one costume, let alone two. Which costume do you like best? Let me know at or in the comments below.

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